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Aesthetic Bracelet with Real Mushrooms for Forest Lovers

👐 Handmade item ✨ Materials: Real Mushroom, Real Fern, Real Shell, Resin, Stainless Steel 📐 Bracelet width: 0.78 Inches; Bracelet length: 0.78 Inches 📏 Adjustable bracelet…

Anillo de bronce antiguo, Anillo de helecho real, Anillo del bosque, Anillo de helecho, Anillo inspirado en la naturaleza, Regalo para ella

Este anillo de bronce antiguo pertenece a mi joyería del bosque. Un auténtico anillo de helecho como el regalo más preciado para ella. Un anillo…

Autumn real leaf necklace, Nature pendant necklace, Autumn lover gift, Deep red necklace, Gift idea for nature lover, Autumn resin jewelry

Are you looking for the unique gift, entirely handmade, for that person who loves nature? Maybe that person is even you… Here you have it:…

Botanical bracelet, Real leaf bracelet, Nature lover jewelry, Hexagon bracelet, Ivy jewelry, Plant lover gift for women, Geometric bracelet

This real leaf bracelet, an ivy leaf bracelet, is part of my resin leaf jewelry. A green leaf bracelet that will make you fall in…

Botanical Earrings with Pressed Mushroom and Moss in Eco Resin

👐 Handmade item ✨ Materials: Real Mushroom, Real Moss, Eco Resin, Stainless Steel 📐 Pendant width: 1.77 Inches; Length: 0.86 Inches; Width: 0.39 Inches ⚙️ Customizable:…

Botanical necklace, Pressed fern necklace, Minimalist geometric necklace, Terrarium necklace, Real plant jewelry, Semicircle necklace

This botanical necklace, a pressed fern necklace, is part of my minimalist jewelry. A terrarium necklace as a semicircle necklace that will never make you…

Botanical necklace, Real plant necklace, Moss jewelry, Nature inspired gifts, Terrarium necklace, Woodland necklace, Gift for him or her

This botanical necklace is a humble breath of nature A beautiful real plant necklace that I’ve crafted with real moss, always respecting Nature. Allow my…

Botanical pendant necklace, Real leaf necklace, Nature lover gift idea, Green necklace pendant, Plant inspired jewelry, Recycled necklace

Can you imagine having a little piece of true nature caressing your neck? Let me show you that little breath of nature in the form…

Cottagecore Moon Earrings Stud with Real Lichen in Resin

Cottagecore Moon Earrings Stud with Real Lichen Immerse yourself in the charm of cottagecore aesthetics with our enchanting Moon Earrings. Beautifully capturing the essence of…

Forest earrings, Real acorn earrings, Real moss earrings, Botanical gifts, Bohemian earrings dangle, Forest jewelry, Green earrings dangle

I have the pleasure of presenting you these real acorn earrings, forest earrings that belong to my moss jewelry. Tiny earrings dangle to always be…

Forest inspired necklace, Pixie cup lichen necklace, Botanical resin jewelry, Terrarium necklace pendant, Unique gift for him or her

Love for nature arises from small everyday gestures. This forest inspired necklace, a pixie cup lichen necklace that I crafted with natural elements, will be…

Handmade jewelry inspired by Nature | Free shipping worldwide

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