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Dainty Pink Rose Flower Necklace – Unique Gift For Her

Pink Rose Flower Necklace | by Botania Jewelry Discover the enchanting beauty of our Dainty Pink Rose Flower Necklace. This exquisite piece from our Floral Collection…

Light blue necklace, Real dandelion necklace, Make a wish necklace, Birthday gift idea for her, Sky blue jewelry, Turquoise pendant necklace

When you adorn your neck with this light blue necklace, a little piece of Nature will settle upon you. When you gaze upon your light…

Meadow flowers necklace, Floral pendant necklace, Yellow flower necklace, Botanical necklace, Dainty teardrop necklace, Real flowers jewelry

This spring necklace, a floral necklace, is part of my mimosa flower jewelry collection. Yellow flowers jewelry as the perfect birthday gift for mother. A…

Minimal Flower Pendant Necklace – Dainty Jewelry

Minimal Flower Pendant | by Botania Jewelry Experience the grace of simplicity with our Minimal Flower Pendant Necklace. This piece is a celebration of understated…

Organic earrings, Moss lichen jewelry, Tiny stud earrings, Oval stud earrings, Boho post earrings, Natural stud earrings, Birthday gift idea

I have the pleasure of presenting you these organic earrings, moss lichen earrings that belong to my moss jewelry. The best dainty nature earrings to…

Pressed flower pendant necklace, Yellow flower necklace, Real leaf necklace, Boho flower necklace, Birthday gift for her, Buttercup jewelry

This pressed dandelion necklace, a yellow dandelion resin necklace, is part of my summer jewelry. A pressed wildflower necklace as a sample of my floral…

Rose Charm Pendant Necklace – Preserved Flower Jewelry

Rose Charm Pendant Necklace | by Botania Jewelry Step into a world of enchantment with our Rose Charm Pendant Necklace, a highlight of our Preserved…

Handmade jewelry inspired by Nature | Free shipping worldwide

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