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Autumn leaf necklace, Real leaf jewelry, Red leaf necklace, Autumn necklace, Nature jewelry handmade, Fall leaf necklace, for nature lover

Are you looking for the unique gift, entirely handmade, for that person who loves nature? Maybe that person is even you… Here you have it:…

Black rectangle necklace, Real leaf necklace, Reversible necklace, Bohemian layer necklace, For nature lover gift, Square necklace pendant

In the face of extravagance and ostentation, this beautiful black rectangle necklace, a real leaf necklace, will always remind you that what matters is authenticity…

Boho black necklace, Dandelion wishes necklace, Boho nature necklace, Dandelion wish jewelry, Black resin necklace, Unique birthday gifts

I have the pleasure of presenting you this boho black necklace, a dandelion wishes necklace that belongs to my dandelion wish jewelry. A boho nature…

Dainty leaf necklace, Real plant jewelry, Minimal boho necklace, Botanical necklace, Green boho necklace, Dainty jewelry, Tiny leaf necklace

This dainty leaf necklace, a botanical necklace, is part of my real plant jewelry. A minimal boho necklace as an original gift. Eco resin jewelry…

Dandelion necklace personalized, Real dandelion jewelry, Initial necklace personalized, Make a wish gifts, Magic necklace, Personalized gift

Let me bring you the most beautiful creation. It is not made by me. It is made by nature. A beautiful dandelion necklace personalized, an…

Geometric hexagon necklace, Real leaf necklace, Dainty nature necklace, Ivy jewelry, Green leaf necklace, Dainty leaf necklace, Gift for her

The essence of this geometric hexagon necklace is a ivy leaf that I chose with love and care. A geometric hexagon necklace that will become…

Oak necklace, Real leaf necklace, Fall leaf necklace, Oak jewelry, Nature inspired necklace, Oak leaf jewelry, Autumn necklace, Acorn leaf

An oak necklace, a simple and unique oak necklace that I delicately crafted from a leaf that fell into my hands. There is not only…

Real dandelion necklace, Make a wish necklace, Birthday gift for her 30th, Cottagecore necklace, Dandelion resin necklace, Bohemian necklace

This dandelion sphere necklace, a real dandelion flower necklace, is a unique creation that I’ve made with all my love: A real sphere necklace in…

Yellow dandelion necklace, Pressed flower necklace, Boho rustic jewelry, Birthday gifts for mother, Yellow flower jewelry, Bohemian necklace

You certainly know that no two flowers are alike. Therefore, this yellow dandelion necklace is made just for you; a pressed flower necklace from my…

Handmade jewelry inspired by Nature | Free shipping worldwide

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