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Black Choker with Dandelion Seeds Charm – Good Luck Gifts for Her

Symbol of Luck and Wishes | by Botania Jewelry Present a token of luck and wishes with our Black Choker featuring a Dandelion Seeds Charm.…

Collar de deseos, Joya diente de león enteras, Collar de diente de león real, Haz un deseo, Collar diente de león, Regalo para mujer

Este collar de deseos, un auténtico collar de diente de león, forma parte de toda mi joyería de diente de león. Un collar de deseos,…

Dandelion necklace personalized, Real dandelion jewelry, Initial necklace personalized, Make a wish gifts, Magic necklace, Personalized gift

Let me bring you the most beautiful creation. It is not made by me. It is made by nature. A beautiful dandelion necklace personalized, an…

Dandelion necklace yellow, Dried flower necklace, Dandelion flower necklace, Gift for mom from daughter birthday, Spring flower necklace

When you see this yellow dandelion necklace, you won’t just see a beautiful flower. Within this yellow dandelion necklace lies living nature and a lovely…

Dandelion necklace, Make a wish necklace, Real flower pendant necklace, Large boho necklace, Dandelion wish jewelry, Birthday gifts for her

This black necklace pendant, a dried dandelion necklace, is part of my wishes necklace. A large boho necklace is a unique gift idea for your…

Dandelion Necklace, Real dandelion necklace, Large medallion necklace, Alternative necklace for her, Dandelion jewelry, Large round necklace

This dandelion necklace, a real dandelion necklace, is part of my dandelion jewelry. A large medallion necklace to complement your style. Wearing this dandelion necklace…

Dandelion necklace, Real flower jewelry, Dried flower necklace, Dandelion wish necklace, Good luck gift, Dandelion seed jewelry Gift for her

This dandelion necklace, a dried flower necklace, is part of my real flower jewelry. A dandelion wish necklace as the most original gift for her.…

Dandelion resin necklace, Real dandelion necklace, Make a wish jewelry, Black pendant necklace, Dandelion jewelry, Gifts for her birthday

The most subtle beauty of Nature in this dandelion resin necklace. All the splendor of the mountains in a dandelion resin necklace crafted with utmost…

Dandelion wish necklace, Real dandelion seed necklace, Terrarium necklace, Black pendant necklace, Dandelion resin jewelry, Make a wish

This real dandelion necklace is the perfect meaningful gift for her. A resin sphere collar that keeps a real flower to make you feel unique.…

Light blue necklace, Real dandelion necklace, Make a wish necklace, Birthday gift idea for her, Sky blue jewelry, Turquoise pendant necklace

When you adorn your neck with this light blue necklace, a little piece of Nature will settle upon you. When you gaze upon your light…

Make a Wish Choker – Unique Dandelion Jewelry in Resin

Whimsical Dandelion Symbolism | by Botania Jewelry Capture the essence of a wish with our Make a Wish Choker, an exquisite piece in our Unique…

Real Dandelion Choker Necklace in Resin – Make a Wish Jewelry

Symbol of Wishes and Dreams | by Botania Jewelry Embrace the charm of wishes and dreams with our Real Dandelion Choker Necklace, a key piece…

Handmade jewelry inspired by Nature | Free shipping worldwide

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