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Botanical necklace, Pressed fern necklace, Minimalist geometric necklace, Terrarium necklace, Real plant jewelry, Semicircle necklace

This botanical necklace, a pressed fern necklace, is part of my minimalist jewelry. A terrarium necklace as a semicircle necklace that will never make you…

Dainty necklace with pendant, Real leaf necklace, Oval pendant necklace, Geometric gold necklace for her, Stainless steel gold necklace

Are you looking for a unique gift, entirely handmade, for that person who loves nature? Maybe that person is even you… Here you have it:…

Geometric hexagon necklace, Real leaf necklace, Dainty nature necklace, Ivy jewelry, Green leaf necklace, Dainty leaf necklace, Gift for her

The essence of this geometric hexagon necklace is a ivy leaf that I chose with love and care. A geometric hexagon necklace that will become…

Nature lover necklace, Personalized letter necklace, Pressed leaf necklace, Fern necklace, Dainty leaf necklace, Custom minimalist necklace

I have the pleasure of presenting you this nature lover necklace, a pressed fern leaf necklace that belongs to my real fern jewelry. A perfect…

Personalized initial necklace, Pressed leaf necklace, Botanical jewelry, Personalized letter necklace for women, Ivy jewelry, Birthday gifts

In my botanical jewelry, no two leaves are alike. Therefore, this personalized initial necklace is made just for you; a pressed leaf necklace from my…

Real fern necklace, Terrarium necklace, Half circle gold necklace, Unique gift ideas for women, Pressed plant jewelry, Resin fern jewelry

This real fern necklace is part of my resin fern jewelry. A half circle gold necklace as the best gift idea for women. This terrarium…

Real leaf necklace, Botanical necklace, Plant lover gift for women, Dainty leaf necklace, Dried leaf resin jewelry, Circle gold necklace

You certainly know that no two leaves are alike. Therefore, this pressed leaf necklace is made just for you; a resin necklace and gold from…

Real leaf necklace, Gold circle necklace, Delicate leaf necklace, Pressed fern necklace, Nature lover gift idea, Dainty gold circle necklace

This dainty fern necklace, a pressed plant necklace, is part of my dainty gold jewelry. A botanical necklace gold as the most original botanical gift…

Terrarium necklace with lichen, Botanical necklace, Pressed plant necklace, Nature gift for men, Organic jewelry, Geometric pendant necklace

Could you touch something within your reach right now that will transport you to the mountains? This terrarium necklace with lichen, a beautiful botanical necklace,…

Handmade jewelry inspired by Nature | Free shipping worldwide

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