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Anillo de bronce antiguo, Anillo de helecho real, Anillo del bosque, Anillo de helecho, Anillo inspirado en la naturaleza, Regalo para ella

Este anillo de bronce antiguo pertenece a mi joyería del bosque. Un auténtico anillo de helecho como el regalo más preciado para ella. Un anillo…

Dainty fern necklace, Pressed plant necklace, Botanical necklace gold, Dainty gold jewelry, Botanical gift for women, Dainty circle necklace

This dainty fern necklace, a pressed plant necklace, is part of my dainty gold jewelry. A botanical necklace gold as the most original botanical gift…

Dandelion necklace, Real flower jewelry, Dried flower necklace, Dandelion wish necklace, Good luck gift, Dandelion seed jewelry Gift for her

This dandelion necklace, a dried flower necklace, is part of my real flower jewelry. A dandelion wish necklace as the most original gift for her.…

Dangle floral earrings, Yellow flower earrings, Mimosa earrings, Birthday gift for her friend, Floral resin jewelry, Botanical earrings

I have the pleasure of presenting you these dangle floral earrings, yellow flower earrings that belong to my floral resin jewelry. Perfect mimosa earrings to…

Forest Earrings with Mushroom – Small Lightweight Earrings Dangle

👐 Handmade item ✨ Materials: Real Mushroom, Real Moss, Resin, Stainless Steel 📐 Pendant width: 1.77 Inches; Length: 0.86 Inches; Width: 0.39 Inches ⚙️ Customizable: Select…

Ivy necklace, Real ivy necklace, Green leaf necklace, Gold circle necklace, Delicate leaf necklace, Nature resin necklace, Real leaf jewelry

This ivy necklace is part of my real leaf jewelry collection. A real ivy necklace as the most original gift for mother’s day. You’ll neve…

Ocean necklace, Beach sand necklace, Blue aqua crystal necklace, Real sand jewelry, Ocean gift for her, Sphere necklace, Ocean lover jewelry

I have the pleasure of presenting you this ocean necklace, a beach sand necklace that belongs to my real sand jewelry. A perfect ocean gift…

Pink cherry blossom necklace, Real flower necklace, Bridesmaid necklace gold, Cute bridesmaid gifts ideas, Wedding jewelry for bridesmaids

This pink cherry blossom necklace is part of my wedding jewelry for bridesmaids. A real flower necklace as a cute bridesmaid gift idea. It’s a…

Pink flower necklace, Real Sakura Flower necklace, Dainty floral necklace, Cherry blossom gift for her, Floral jewellery, Spring accessories

This floral resin necklace is made from a real sakura flower. A flower necklace part of my floral jewelry to have the energy of nature…

Real fern earrings, Resin fern earrings, Simple earrings dangle, Minimalist drop earrings, Dangle drop earrings, Dried fern jewelry for her

These real fern earrings are part of my dried fern jewelry for her. Resin fern earrings made from real leaves picked from my garden. Make…

Wedding anniversary necklace, Personalized 4th anniversary gift for her, Bouquet flower necklace, Heart shaped necklace, Floral jewelry

This wedding anniversary necklace is made to order especially for you. Do you want to preserve part of your bridal bouquet or flowers from a…

Yellow flower necklace, Pressed flower necklace, Buttercup necklace, Resin flower necklace, Buttercup jewelry, Gifts for her, Yellow jewelry

This yellow flower necklace is part of my yellow jewelry collection. A pressed flower necklace as the most original gift for her. This Buttercup necklace…

Handmade jewelry inspired by Nature | Free shipping worldwide

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