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Dainty heart necklace, Pressed flower necklace, Purple heart necklace, Pansy necklace, Small flower necklace, Heart shaped pendant necklace

In this dainty heart necklace, there is not only beauty but also a precious symbolism A dainty heart necklace crafted with a pansy flower cultivated…

Dainty pansy flower necklace – Yellow flower jewelry

Unveiling our Dainty Pansy Flower Necklace, a homage to nature’s allure. This piece features a preserved yellow pansy, symbolizing joy and thoughtfulness. Wearing it invites…

Pressed pansy necklace, Dainty heart necklace, Purple pansy jewelry, Tiny pressed flower necklace, Birthday gift for sister, Heart jewelry

You certainly know that no two flowers are alike. Therefore, this pressed pansy necklace is made just for you; a dainty heart necklace from my…

Resin flower necklace, Heart shaped pendant necklace, Best friend gift birthday jewelry, Nature lover necklace, Resin pressed flower jewelry

This resin real flower necklace, a pansy pendant, is part of my Johnny jump up jewelry. A simple flower necklace as the most original birthday…

Wedding anniversary necklace, Personalized 4th anniversary gift for her, Bouquet flower necklace, Heart shaped necklace, Floral jewelry

This wedding anniversary necklace is made to order especially for you. Do you want to preserve part of your bridal bouquet or flowers from a…

Handmade jewelry inspired by Nature | Free shipping worldwide

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