Handmade jewelry inspired by Nature | Free shipping worldwide

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Dandelion necklace personalized, Real dandelion jewelry, Initial necklace personalized, Make a wish gifts, Magic necklace, Personalized gift

Let me bring you the most beautiful creation. It is not made by me. It is made by nature. A beautiful dandelion necklace personalized, an…

Dandelion resin necklace, Real dandelion necklace, Make a wish jewelry, Black pendant necklace, Dandelion jewelry, Gifts for her birthday

The most subtle beauty of Nature in this dandelion resin necklace. All the splendor of the mountains in a dandelion resin necklace crafted with utmost…

Dandelion Seeds Necklace, Dandelion wish necklace, Clear necklace, Make a Wish Jewelry, Resin dandelion necklace, Terrarium resin necklace

This dandelion seeds necklace is part of my Make a Wish jewelry. A dandelion wish necklace as a clear necklace to make you feel unique…

Dandelion wish necklace, Real dandelion seed necklace, Terrarium necklace, Black pendant necklace, Dandelion resin jewelry, Make a wish

This real dandelion necklace is the perfect meaningful gift for her. A resin sphere collar that keeps a real flower to make you feel unique.…

Handmade jewelry inspired by Nature | Free shipping worldwide

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