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Collar pequeño hoja de hiedra, Collar hoja real en resina, Joyería botánica, Joyería hoja verde delicado, Idea de regalo para aniversario

Este collar pequeño hoja de hiedra, un collar de resina de hoja real, forma parte de mis joyas de resina botánica. ¡Un collar de hojas…

Dainty leaf necklace, Real plant jewelry, Minimal boho necklace, Botanical necklace, Green boho necklace, Dainty jewelry, Tiny leaf necklace

This dainty leaf necklace, a botanical necklace, is part of my real plant jewelry. A minimal boho necklace as an original gift. Eco resin jewelry…

Dainty nature necklace with real fern leaf in oval gold, Botanical necklace for plant lovers, Ellipse pendant necklace, Nature inspired gift

Are you looking for a unique gift, entirely handmade, for that person who loves nature? Maybe that person is even you… Here you have it:…

Dainty teardrop necklace, Real leaf necklace, Tiny leaf necklace, Red leaf necklace, Dainty leaf necklace, Real fern jewelry, Unique gifts

You certainly know that no two leaves are alike. Therefore, this dainty teardrop necklace is made just for you; a real leaf necklace from my…

Pressed leaf necklace, Tiny leaf necklace, Unique gift for nature lovers, Boho leaf necklace, Nature pendant necklace, Ivy leaf jewelry

Can you imagine having a little piece of true nature caressing your neck? Let me show you that little breath of nature in the form…

Tiny real leaf necklace, Dainty boho necklace, Tiny pendant necklace, Natural jewelry for women, Minimal necklace, 18th birthday gift ideas

Look at the intricate veins of this tiny real leaf necklace against the beautiful toasted green color. This dainty boho necklace, a lovely tiny real…

Handmade jewelry inspired by Nature | Free shipping worldwide

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