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April Birth Flower Necklace with Real Daisy in Eco Friendly Resin

April Birth Flower Necklace | A Symbol of Fresh Beginnings Celebrate the spirit of April with our Birth Flower Necklace, featuring a real daisy set…

Choker Chain Necklace with Delicate Flower in Resin

Delicate Flower Chain Choker Discover the charm of our Choker Chain Necklace, featuring a delicate flower beautifully preserved in resin. This piece combines the timeless…

December Pressed Birthflower Necklace – Narcissus Flower Jewelry

Narcissus: Emblem of Hope and New Beginnings Discover the magic of December with our Pressed Birthflower Necklace, featuring the enchanting Narcissus flower. This piece of…

Moon Necklace with Pressed Queen Anne Lace Flower in Resin

Moon Necklace with Pressed Flowers | by Botania Jewelry Discover the Half Moon Necklace, a signature piece from our Botanical Resin Jewelry Collection. We meticulously…

Real daisy ring, Daisy resin ring, White flower jewelry, Adjustable flower ring, Pressed daisy jewelry, Black resin ring, Gifts for sister

Real daisy ring made from a real flower picked up prom my garden. This daisy resin ring is part of my white flower jewelry collection.…

Handmade jewelry inspired by Nature | Free shipping worldwide

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