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Botanical necklace, Real flowers necklace, Yellow flower necklace, Pressed leaf necklace, Floral gifts for her, Wildflower resin jewelry

I want you to feel beautiful, happy, and unique Rest assured that my botanical necklace will achieve that. This beautiful real flowers necklace is not…

Enchanted Garden Necklace with Dried Mushroom and Flowers

👐 Handmade item ✨ Materials:Real Mushroom, Real Flower, Printed Butterfly, Resin, Stainless Steel 📐 Pendant width: 0.78 Inches; Pendant height: 0.78 Inches ⚙️ Customizable: Select your…

Moon Necklace with Pressed Queen Anne Lace Flower in Resin

Moon Necklace with Pressed Flowers | by Botania Jewelry Discover the Half Moon Necklace, a signature piece from our Botanical Resin Jewelry Collection. We meticulously…

Poppy necklace, Red poppy necklace, gift for mother ideas, Poppy jewelry, Poppy flower necklace, Pressed flower jewelry, Red flower necklace

This poppy necklace, a red poppy necklace, is part of my gift for mother ideas. A poppy flower necklace that never will you go unnoticed!…

Preserved flower necklace, Nature inspired necklace, Dried flower resin necklace, Buttercup jewelry, 30th birthday gift for her

This yellow flower necklace is part of my yellow jewelry collection. A pressed flower necklace as the most original gift for her. This Buttercup necklace…

Resin flower necklace gold, Custom initial necklace, Pressed flower necklace, Terrarium necklace, Real leaf necklace, Custom gifts for women

Can you imagine having a little piece of true nature caressing your neck? Let me show you that little breath of nature in the form…

Small Half Moon Earrings Stud with Queen Anne Lace Flower

Moon Earrings Stud with Queen Anne Lace Flower Discover the charm of the natural world with our Small Half Moon Earrings Stud. These earrings, a…

Handmade jewelry inspired by Nature | Free shipping worldwide

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